“The Seer, still marveling at the splendor of the flames before her and basking in its heat which she can feel on her skin, notices that within the flames appears a massive spider-like being. She is black and red and appears to be a Goddess of immense power. The Spider Goddess holds within Her many legs the entire world. She is both beautiful and terrible to behold.”

The Enochian Doorway

July 12, 2020
Begin: 11:22 am
End: 12:17 pm
Tools: rose wand, Atus V (Hierophant), IX (Hermit), VII (Chariot)
Drawn runes: Laguz, Ansuz, Thurisaz
Location: Mt. Hood National Forest, Oregon
Weather: cloudy and mild

Based on the audio transcript. Comments in italics.

Once again we have taken our scrying to the woods in a secret hidden location that is remarkably free of humans. This Aethyr being special (it is where Crowley first made contact with She who calls Herself BABALON), we decided a departure from the normal routine was in order. 

We created a magick circle ringed by 11 red roses, with a 12th rose being used as a wand. The Seer drew at random three runes: Laguz, Ansuz and Thurisaz. The Mage banished with an Enochian Pentagram Ritual, per usual, and then followed with an invocation of Babalon that had been used in the past with amazing effect. This…

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