The Enochian Doorway

November 26, 2018
Begin: 10:44 am
End: 12:03 pm
Tools: the Disc, the Tablet of Earth, Atus IV (The Emperor), V (The Hierophant) and VII (The Chariot)
Weather: clear
Based on the audio transcript. Comments in italics.

The Aethyr is a deep cobalt blue. A feminine voice speaks: “Before me shadows darkened the valleys and I looked to the sky and it burned. The heavens, it burned.”


The Seer has brief visions of faces but they seem to be made of smoke and vanish before she can see them clearly. She experiences strong feelings of doubt and unworthiness, that her visions are not true. She brushes aside these thoughts and continues.

BAG is called the Aethyr of Doubt. It is heavy with this feeling for both the Seer and the Mage throughout the vision and even afterwards.

Another face, briefly. This one is square with sharp edges and looks almost…

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