More fun on the Aethyrs!

The Enochian Doorway

November 5, 2018
Begin: 10:26 am
End: 11:09 am
Tools: the Disc, the Tablet of Earth, Atus XVIII (The Moon), XIV (Art) and XIV (Art)
Weather: cloudy
Based on the audio transcript. Comments in italics.


Much of the symbolism of the following vision is of a personal nature to the Seer and the Mage, each in their own way. As such, these things will not be commented on here in any detail. Certain key points of the vision will be better understood by those of at least the Master Magician grade of the O.T.O. (The Seer herself is not yet of this degree.)

There are three stars burning brightly in the night sky. From them comes a flaming bird, the phoenix we encountered in the last vision. It dives towards the earth and directly after it is a second bird of flame that is also a bird of darkness…

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