The Enochian Doorway

October 26, 2018
Begin: 9:07 am
End: 10:20 am
Tools: the Disc, the Tablet of Earth, Atus XVIII (The Moon), XIV (Art) and XIV (Art)
Weather: rain
Based on the audio transcript, which cut out halfway through. The rest of the session has been recalled as best as we can remember. Comments in italics.

“There was a voice heard crying in the wilderness. There was a great shadow that darkened the land. It was the shadow of the souls of man.”

This statement abruptly begins our session. Its meaning was not immediately clear, especially to the Seer who did not understand what the words, spoken in a feminine voice, meant. It seemed to set the pace for the rest of the vision.

It is dark. Unable to see, the Seer is drawn to the South. Something about the place feels burned, barren. The Seer sees something in the distance moving…

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