The Enochian Doorway

Mage/Scribe: IXOMAXIP
Seer: Elah
October 8, 2018
Begin: 10:58 am
End: 11:41 am
Tools: the Cup, the Tablet of Water, Atus XI (Lust), IX (Hermit) and XXI (Universe)
Weather: rain
Based on the audio transcript.Comments in italics.

The light is dim. The seer sees a guardian, it appears to be a lion or a wolf. It is too dim to tell for sure.

This may not be anything. There is a striking resemblance to a previous dream experienced by the seer a few days prior.

Ahead of us in the distance appears a star with 6 rays. We move toward it. The dim light around us takes on a violet tinge, similar to the last skrying of the Aethyr. A path becomes clear. It is made of light. It becomes the only light in the Aethyr, everything around it is not.

The promise of initiation. We have not yet…

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