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The Enochian Doorway

September 10, 2018
Begin: 11:35 am (approx)
End: 12:20 pm (approx)
Tools: the Cup, the Tablet of Water, Atus XI (Lust), IX (Hermit) and XXI (Universe)
Weather: cloudy, chance of rain
Based on the audio transcript.Comments by Ixomaxip and Elah in italics.

The vision begins with the cup (used in the initial invocation) floating in the air. All is black and purple and there is purple lightening around the cup. Everything is very dark, no color except black and purple. The Governors are called again. A lion appears, fully visible at first, then everything around it changes so just a face with lionish characteristics is seen. It disappears when offered the Hailing Sign of the Magician but its presence is still felt.

Perhaps a false vision, perhaps not. The lion is Atu XI – Lust.

There is water, a great sea perhaps. It is dark purple, almost black. The sky…

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