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These are the words of Our Lady BABALON, as delivered to John Dee and Edward Kelley on May 23, 1587. Praise be unto Her that rideth upon Our Lord the Beast!


⊕       ⊕       ⊕

I am the daughter of fortitude,

& ravished every hour, from my youth,

for behold, I am understanding,

& science dwelleth in me :

& the heavens oppress me,

They covet and desire me with infinite appetite

few or none that are earthly have embraced me

for I am shadowed with the circle of the sun :

and covered with the morning clouds:

My feet are swifter than the winds,

& my hands are sweeter than the morning dew.

My garments are from the beginning:

& my dwelling place is in my self.

The lion knoweth not where I walk :

neither do the beasts of the field understand me.

I am deflowered & yet a virgin.

I sanctify & am not sanctified

happy is he that embraceth me.

for in the night season I am sweet,

in the day full of pleasure

my company is a harmony of many cymbals

And my lips sweeter than health itself.

I am a harlot for such as ravish me :

and a virgin with such as know me not :

for lo I am loved of many :

& I am a lover to many:

and as many as come unto me as they should do,

have their entertainment.

Purge your streets o you sons of men,

& wash your houses clean

Make your selves holy, & put on righteousness

Cast out your old strumpets, & burn their clothes

Abstain from the company of other women that are defiled,

that are sluttish, & not so handsome, & beautiful as I.

And then will I come & dwell amongst you.

And behold I will bring forth Children unto you:

& they shall be the sons of comfort

I will open my garments, & stand naked before you

that your love may be more enflamed toward me.

As yet, I walk in the clouds,

As yet, I am carried with the winds :

And can not descend unto you for the multitude of your abominations,

& the filthy loathsomeness of your dwelling places.

Behold these fowre, who is he, that shall say, they have sinned :

or unto whom shall they make account?

Not unto you, you sons of men, nor unto your children :

for unto the lord belongeth the Judgment of his servants

Now therefore, let the earth give forth her fruits unto you :

And let the mountains forsake their barrenness

where your footsteps shall remain.

happy is he that saluteth you :

& cursed is he that holdeth up his hands against you.

& power shall be given unto you from hence forth to resist your enemies :

& the lord shall always here you in the times of your troubles.

And I am sent unto you to play the harlot with you :

And am to enrich you with the spoils of other men :

prepare for me, for I come shortly.

Provide your Chambers for me that they may be sweet & cleanly :

for I will make a dwelling place amongst you :

and I will be common with the father & the son,

yea and with all them that truly favoreth you

for my youth, is in her flower

and my strength is not to be extinguished with man.

Strong am I above & below.

Therefore, provide for me. for behold I now salute you.

And let peace be amongst you :

for I am the Daughter of Comfort.

Disclose not my secrets unto women :

nether let them understand how sweet I am.

For all things belongeth not unto every one.

I come unto you again!

⊕       ⊕       ⊕

In Nomine Babalon!