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A Prophecy from Babalon
I am the lamp stand of a thousand flames;
I am the illuminator and the Star Maiden of the celestial vaults.
I clear the black clouds to allow the light of the sun,
Which is that of truth and justice,
To shine upon the children of the gods.
O! Hear the moon, hear the moon!
She is placing the sun on the mantle of the Earth
The great altar of resurrection and life!
Feel the essence of the divine chapters of the Book of Life
Rising from the pages that are the crusts of the earth.
And as each page turns a new memory is born,
A memory of when ye were free!
Free to love, free to know the truth and free to worship the gods of the Earth!

And can you understand the complexities of all this?
For the shadows are at the rims of creation
And they are watching for one wrong move from you.
I bring to you all that I am in the shadow of the moon and the light of the sun
But I am Venus and I demand respect and adoration.
For each time you turn your back on me I shall turn one thousand backs on you,
For you are denying me as the Mother from which you came forth to the Earth,
From my womb and from the gates of existence that belong solely to me.

At the feet of the Lord of the Sun, rise up and face the light!
See yourself for all that you are, all of your happiness and all of your misery!
See yourself as you truly are in the mirror of his face
And languish in the reality that you are far away from your godhood
For to realize it only takes clarity and knowing
And remembering.

Who I am? Moon I am and Venus I am;
I am the daughter of the Moon and the bright Morning and Evening Star!
Who shall take this title? What man or god dares to walk my path?
My son shall, the divine child, and so shall my mate,
And so shall all children who wind themselves back into me,
Like the petals of a blood red rose, moving between blooming and dying and rebirth.

For I am the Rose and I spiral my way across the sky, following the Serpent Path, forming petals of five
Detailing each vibration and emission of love and sending it to you.
Five is the number of mine. Seven is the number of mine. Eight is the number of mine.
Multiply this by 5 and then add the whole.
(5 x 21 = 105 add the whole which is 0 = 1050
1050 = Goddess of Venus)
I am the whole who brings the Cross of Light.
I am the complete cycle and the joiner of polarities.

The rose is the heart and the core
And the empowerment of the cross.
So therefore I am the empowerer of the god of light
And I am the root of the Tree of Life.
Let the brave ones come unto me and let the brave ones try to part my petals,

For only by searching for the core of me shall you find the heart of me,
And only by finding the heart of me shall you find the truth.
For the truth is what I give but only the true seeker shall find it.
And if you shall find it, so you may journey down below my breasts
To the place where exists the cup;
The cup of plenty and the cup of lies,
The cup of absolutes and the cup of enlightenment.
The cup is the seat of my power
And only through finding the heart of the rose
Can you enter the cup and take your fill of life and wisdom.
But first you must leave your heart behind
As an offering to me.

The blood of the Christs that fell to the ground
Was absorbed into me
And is held within my cup.
Seven Christs,
Seven sacrifices of blood and
Seven rivers of blood,
Seven steps upon the golden ladder with each step a name of God.
Seven gateways up towards godhood and
Seven steps down towards death.
Yet the number of the Christ is five,
For he accompanies me during my travels along the Serpents Path.
This is the number of a god who became a man, who had descended from The Star,
His mother and his bride,
From the cup, the rose of a Star who had fallen to Earth in order to bring the Messenger of Light.
Choose wisely;
Some of what is being revealed is known and some is unknown.
What is being revealed is held in and projected from
The throat of the Earth Star;
She who utters my words and the words of the gods,
Who is the Mother of the New Age,
The High Priestess of the gods
Who is the voice of divine wisdom!
We charge her with the powers of heaven
And we grant her permission to act on our behalf,
To disperse the laws of the gods to those who understand them,
For she is the Child of the Law and the daughter of Me!
Heed her words for they come from we most high!
For we made the way for her to bring the laws and
From time long gone from this one who created chaos,
Instead of order, from this one who wished to be the Father of the Aeon
But this was not his right!

And there is this one who has taken the place as mage among mages,
Who brings with him the seed of change and the voice of insanity,
For what is sanity to him is insanity to you,
For your minds have forgotten its true functions,
Consciousnesses which once held the mysteries,
But which lost this knowing when you lost your heads to obedience
To the laws of men.
He is Jibran of the Sacred Breath
And his number is 642 though he bares no scars
On the palms of his hands or the soles of his feet.
He is the Logos of this time before the seed is released
And he is the Father of the Aeon when the seed is implanted.
He brings to you the codes of the Father eternal
And crosses the pathways of the dragon.
This one is Heru-Ra-Ha, whose number is also five,
Who shall hold this to pass on to the Father through the seed.

What shall I bring to you, now?
I bring to you recognition of the ancestors of the Earth,
We, the golden alchemists of transitions and metamorphosis,
And we awaken the slumbering kings of the stars to take their places
Once again amid the heavens
And in doing so, projecting their reign upon you all.

For we shall be recognized as one
And we shall be recognized as many,
For many we are and many we were
And many you are for always.
For you was created from the soil of the Earth
And the seed of the Father and the Egg of the Mother,
And through the divine process of christmation,
The divine children of the gods were born.

And I give to you the chance to discover the rose,
The rose within the cup.
And I give you the chance to discover me, She who shall cleanse you of your filth.
For I am the devourer of refuse, just as my mother before me.
And as I, the encircle in the flesh, show you that infinity is within my coils,
You shall remember who you are.

I have spoken to you the names you understand
But know this! WE are the ancient ones
And our names are more ancient than the names you know!
No longer shall we use these names to express to you
The meaning of the mysteries
And the times that are to come.

I am the fire of Venus that cleanses away your guilt
And I am the water of Neptune that fills you with magic.
I am the Ark of all existence
And within my womb I carry you through to the new stages of life.
Take my hand and I shall show you heaven and I shall show you hell;
I shall show you all that is meant to be known and I shall whisper unto you my secrets,
For the hour is 12 and I am always in-between.

There is coming a time when the veil shall be lifted
And the faces of the gods shall be revealed to you
From monuments and statues that you have always known,
And the revelation of the unveiled secrets
Shall throw your world into chaos.
There shall not be one false idol that stands
As the devourer cleans away the old to make way for the ancient.

The head of the great hawk stands on the shoulders of the Angel of Death
And the new Lord is coming with a ‘new name’,
He, who is the Lamb of God who shall come from the one
Who wears the mask of the goat.
He is the one! The one to come! He who shall bring a new language!

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Liber Rose comes to us as a received text by Helen Demetriou.
Learn more at her website Esophoria.org