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(All poetry written by Frater Mucro Pondera Divinus.)



Her flower blooms: beyond the petals
lies the living Wisdom of Her body,
the life of the Rose; Her lips stained red
by wanton kisses and holy blood.
By the flame of Her lust did I know Her
as Mystery incarnate, and chased Her to ruin
to taste of Her dew, and be drunken.

Unto Her did I bear the Cross
as a lamb to a lioness; I did tremble
in the light of Her intoxication, ’til
She arched Her back like a bow of sinew
and notched my arrow into Her string,
firing me into the stooping starlight,
the bosom of the Queen of Heaven.

Her mons the sacrificial grounds,
the exhibition of the shameless harlot.
My Cross the altar of the Work,
my blood the seed of Life.
In the retort we join unto Death
and new genesis, pouring Self
and Self into the Self-less.

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Continuing with my interview with Frater M.P.D., we touched upon his various multimedia projects. These include both audio versions of various Thelemic Holy Books, as well as Electronic Dance Music (EDM) under the name Qlyph. Watch for links to his latest projects to appear on this blog from time to time!

How did you get started producing EDM?

The late 90s rave scene in southern California got stale, and I got hooked on drum and bass, one of the most technically demanding genres of EDM. I learned to DJ in ’99 and began producing in 2001; in 2006 I earned my A.S. in Recording Arts at Full Sail University but decided the music industry sounded like a shitty place to work on someone else’s terms. I continued producing and incorporated analog gear and recording techniques into my studio while working as an unpaid intern, donating post-production work to a small-time podcaster.

Listen to Qlyph – So I Let You (feat. Ashley Apollodor) here.


At what point did you begin to produce material of a more Thelemic nature? What sorts of multimedia projects have you done so far?

Early on in my initiatory career I noticed the dearth of professional-quality Thelemic media and set about trying to make some. My first project was a group reading of Liber AL Chapter I. Soror Theodora did all the recording; about 10 hours went into production. Attendees left the temple in tears. It was exciting to have that much of an impact, so I kept at it. Working with my partner Lyrasolis and members of Sekhet-Maat Lodge, I’ve produced all three Chapters of Liber AL, excerpts from The Thunder: Perfect Mind, a presentation of the mysteries of Persephone and Demeter based on Carol Orlock’s The Goddess Letters, and various Thelemic holy books.

Listen to “Excerpts from The Thunder: Perfect Mind” here.

Liber AL vel Legis Chapter 3

What projects are you working on for the coming year?

Preparing a demo package for my drum and bass material. Continuing to work at contact juggling. This spring I’m also leaning into practice, working the A.A. and IOT (per Liber Null & Psychonaut) systems. Putting together a magical warfare course. Keeping busy!

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Many thanks to Mucro Pondera Divinus for participating in this interview. We leave you with one final piece from his poetry collection, most of which can be found on his Hello Poetry site. This piece, Frater M.P.D says, was “produced by automatic writing directly following an ecstatic trance.”

In the Garden of the Goddess

The blazing eye of Dawn is all to fools:
those who see the joy
in Light expressed as Light,
but brightness also graces Night.

Her veil parted, the black curtain
giving way to shades of blue and gold,
Her rapturous embrace inspiring eyes beholden.

Planted in Her garden, neighboring eaves
rustling in their trembling eagerness to share their leaves!

For in Her realm eternal, flawless
clay of earth and blade of grass
stretch forth to feel the loving light
of their supernal Goddess!

Her joy ran rampant through my boughs,
my swaying branches spreading wide
to grasp the rays of her horizon —

With love untainted as a child’s, so boundless
as my selfless roots cried out to sing her praises soundless!

No dalliance ever felt before complete
until this blessed revelation –
this, Her holy emanation, warmed my heart,
annulled my restless reason:

She was every mother: deepest love
in understanding all that came of Her,
enclosing us within the circular.

She beckoned but a moment by Her brilliance; best,
lest I uprooted trunk and earth to shade Her manifest.