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The following is part of a poetic reflection on the Gnostic Creed, written by Frater Peredur 1=0:


And I believe in one Earth, the Mother of us all,

and in one Womb wherein all men are begotten,

and wherein they shall rest,

Mystery of Mystery, 

in Her name 


 ~ excerpt from the Creed of the Gnostic Catholic Church ~


I am the Mother of all that lives

the vessel for the force of CHAOS

whose Blood is held within my Sacred Cup

becoming wine.

See thou my face in the Heavens

reflecting with perfect Understanding

the Light, the Life, the Love of our Father?

As His Fire erupts, He sends forth His seed

burning as the Light pure and effulgent.

Combining with my Secret Nature

becoming as the egg girt with serpent,

He doth make fertile my Garden

wherein all Life grows.

Raining down His fiery substance

upon my Valleys, moist and fruitful,

we create together the Mystery of Being.

Mine is the City of the Sun

and there are therein Fifty Gates;

lo! these Gates are but One Gate

and that Gate is His.

Behold, for I am thy Mother;

the Virgin, for I am the unspoiled essence,

and the Whore, for I am the lover of all.

Therefore shalt thou know me as BABALON.

I give thee Birth.

I give thee Life.

I give thee Comfort.

And when at last the dark angel of Death cometh,

so dost thou return once again unto me

for we are One

and our separation is but a dream.