In Nomine Babalon!

As work continues on this project, we would like to invite you to take a look around. This is very much a work in progress, and no doubt will be for quite some time. You are likely to encounter many visual changes as the site progresses. Bare with us, this WordPress page does have some limitations! Still, we have managed to upload several documents that you may find to be of some interest.

At the top of this page you will find links to our other pages. Holy Books contains several downloadable documents that are generally agreed upon to be “received texts” and channeled works. Many would challenge the inclusion of Parsons’ Book of Babalon (Liber 49) among these but we have chosen to include it here nonetheless – for the time being.

Inspired Writings contains more  modern content. These will sometimes include items that claim to be channeled but mostly it consists of poetic adoration. You may find some of these to be useful in your own magickal practice and personal rituals.

The Essays page is simply a collection of writings expounding on Babalonian Magick and the Holy Books of Our Lady. As time goes on, you will find some very scholarly theses posted here and it is very much worth keeping an eye on.

The Rituals page contains an ever growing collection of magickal rites devoted to the Holy Whore. We will eventually include many documents on Enochian magick and invocation designed to help assist those who wish to call upon the Scarlet Goddess and commune with Her themselves.

If you wish to contribute to this site in any way, get in touch with us on the Contact page. Submissions are always welcome! PDF format is preferred but not required.

Also, be sure and subscribe to our site so you can be kept up to date on changes and additional content as it is uploaded. We truly appreciate your support! Should you decide to create a link to this page on your own site, let us know so we can return the favor!

Blessings to you all in the upcoming Thelemic Holy Season!

“Little children, love one another!”